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About License Lounge

License Lounge is an online marketplace catered to recording artists and music creatives. We pre-screen all content before its available on our site and limit our membership to industry established producers (all LL members are required to have major album, film, television or video game placements). This allows us to control the quality of the content provided on our platform and gives our customers the best user experience possible.

Not only do we take care of our users through top-tier service and quality control, License Lounge also provides its members (producers) with unique opportunities to generate income through multiple revenue streams: beats, sound kits, and sync licensing. The music industry is rapidly evolving and producers who are forward thinking stay ahead of the curve by utilizing our powerful platform to maximize their earning potential.

License Lounge takes great pride in its relationships with its customers and its members. We aim to provide you the best experience possible, so if you have any suggestions or feel our site could improve in any way – we want to hear your feedback. You can contact us here with any comments or suggestions.

– The LL Team