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Beat Breakdown: Jay Z’s “Young Forever” – Part 2 Melody

November 8, 2017 - By  
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Continuing from my last article, this is a tutorial of an FL Studio 12 recreation of Jay-Z’s “Young Forever.” In “Part 1” of this tutorial, I showed you how to recompose the drumbeat of that song with FL Studio 12. Now, I will show you how to produce the melody on said program.

Check it out here:

I highly recommend you follow the steps in “Part 1” in order to have the drumbeat already programmed before recreating the melody from this “Part 2” portion.

Also, I recommend you use the instruments and sound bites I’m using in order to obtain the sounds most accurate to those in the Jay-Z song. It’s not completely accurate, but it’s close, and it will sound really cool if you use my following sounds.


Once you’ve produced the drumbeat, it’s time to add that bassline. Go to “Add” and select “3x Osc.” Add it to the Channel Rack.

When its window opens up, make sure the circled dials are set like this.

Those dials should be centered as shown, and nothing else should be changed. Once you’ve applied this, go to the Piano Roll of “3x Osc” and compose what’s down below… into Pattern 4. (Patterns 1-3 should contain the drumbeat.)

Once this bassline is in Pattern 4, reroute it to the Mixing Board (as you should with all Channel Rack tracks) and drop it below the patterns that already exist (from the drumbeat in “Part 1” of this tutorial).


The synthy part in Jay-Z’s “Young Forever” is sampled from Alphaville’s 1984 hit “Forever Young.” We can compose it with FL Studio 12, starting with adding “Harmless” to the Channel Rack.

Once Harmless is in the Channel Rack, make sure you open “Pattern 5.” Before you compose anything into Harmless’s Pattern 5 Piano Roll, open the window of “Harmless.” Change its preset to “Obligatory Jump FG” by left-clicking the upper left of the window, going to “preset,” and finding “Obligatory Jump FG” in the large pop-up sub-window.

This should change the sound of the synth. Now that we’ve changed it, we need to adjust the knobs on this window, so they look like this. Only change the circled knobs to their approximate levels in the picture. Leave the rest as is.

Now you’re ready for the Piano Roll. Compose this.

Copy this to your clipboard by clicking Ctrl+C. Save that copied cluster of notes for a NEW “Harmless” to add to your Channel Rack in “Pattern 6.”

Once you’ve added a new “Harmless” to your Channel Rack in Pattern 6, change its preset to “String GOL.” No need to change the knobs on the window.

Once that’s changed, paste your selected clipboard material into the Piano Roll of “Harmless” “String GOL.” (Remember, in Pattern 6.)

Make sure to add each channel from the Rack into the Mixing Board.


There’s a sound repeating every four bars in this song that’s hard to describe but easy to compose, if you follow these directions. What I’m giving you won’t sound identical to that sound, but it’ll still sound cool.

Add “Harmless” again while “Pattern 7” is selected. Change this “Harmless” window’s preset to “Hohner D6 FG.” Once that’s done, add these three notes to the Piano Roll.

Once you’ve inserted this “Harmless” track to the Mixing Board, go to its tracks “effect” display, on the right of the Mixing Board, and add “Fruity delay 2” to Slot 1. On the “Fruity delay 2” screen, the knobs should be adjusted as such. Make sure to change “TIME” to exactly 2:00.


The patterns (all 7 of them) should be added to the playlist (only eight bars in length) as such.


Make sure to add each channel in the Channel Rack to the mixing board, if you haven’t already.

Once you have done that, adjust each channel’s volume as such.

Do not change the panning. Just change the channel’s volumes to the approximate values you see in this screen.

Now that you’re recreation is complete, feel free to sing along and stay forever young.  If you are looking for the best place to download rock beats online don’t forget to check out our hand picked selection of producers on License Lounge.

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