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License Lounge Soundkit Review: “No Windows”

August 19, 2018 - By 

In a series of sound kit reviews, I will discuss the kit, “No Windows” by DJ Relly Rell.


These 808s are the types of bass lines you hear in most current hip-hop or trap-style songs. They are essential to a heavy yet synthesized bass track. I recommend you sync some of them with your electronic kicks, which I will later get to.

These 808s sound authentic, like you are producing a current banger.

The tone of “Money_808” is a deep D-note. It can be used as a bass synced with electronic-sounding kicks.

“Rell_808_1” is a B-note. Like with “Money_808,” you can vary its pitches, similar to how I taught you with the breakdowns of Cypress Hill’s “Rap Superstar” and Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” With “Rell_808_1,” I don’t recommend it, though. Neither with “Rell_808_2,” “Rell_808_3,” or “Rell_808_4.”

“Rell_808 Bend” is interesting, since it has a bending tone at its beginning. However, the most intense, hard-hitting 808 I highly recommend using as a bass is “walk_808.”


In this sub-folder, there are bass lines. They sound as if they came from a synthesizer, not an acoustic bass. This helps fit the electronic vibe most of this whole sound kit seemingly aims for.

“HouseGang Synth Bass Cnote 2” resembles what I think is a “Moog bass.” Very “funky.” Like what you hear in Lil Dicky’s “$ave Dat Money,” only less intense. “HouseGang Sub Bass Cnote 2” is great, too. Quieter, more solid, without the “funky” effect.

“Rell_Bass Synth” is long and over-the-top.


The crashes have a more extended release sound than the usual crashes you hear from actual cymbals and built-in drum kits with FL. You can still use them for your beats, yet sparingly.

According to my other beat breakdowns, you don’t need to start your bars with crashes. These still sound cool, though.

FX, Sweeps, Risers

These contain sweepers that sound similar to one another.

“Rell_Arp & Bass Bend Combo” is quite a dope effect. Play it, and you’ll hear a descending staccato beeping sound synced with an 808-esque bass pitch-bending downward.

“Rell_Delayed Siren” works well if you’d like to use an airhorn effect to build up your beat. The other sirens are nice, but they don’t work as well.


These hats are essential for music containing the current “trap” sound. Many of them sound like that.

“Be Real_Hat Loop” is a one-bar loop sounding like a drummer hitting 16th notes on a slightly open hi-hat. It’s more “acoustic,” but it can spice up your beat, if you are producing a “non-electronic” track.


There are only two options for the “Keys” folder. Like the hi-hats, they have an “electronic” vibe.

“Be Real_Keys” would make a great key loop in my breakdown of Drake’s “In My Feelings,” as many other sounds in this kit would do, also.

“Rell_Memorial Bell” can be used for a good monophonic loop, only if you add a heavy reverb or delays. Think Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.”


For sounds that sync with your 808s, I recommend using some kicks starting with “Rell…,” as in “Rell_Kick 1,” “Rell_Kick 2,” “Rell_Kick 3,” and so on. Those listed below it are reminiscent of samples from other songs, quite contrary to the electric vibe given from most of this whole sound kit.


Many of these loops have that “trap” vibe, especially “Rell_HiHat Loop 1.”

If you’re searching for a crisp breakbeat to add to your instrumental, try “walk_Drum Loop.” Very old school, yet fitting a non-electronic mood.

Snares & Claps

My favorite of all these. Many snares are claps followed by reverb, which is what many hip-hop producers use nowadays. “Be Real_Clap” is the epitome of a great one.

“Rell_Snare 5” is the ULTIMATE “trap” snare you’ll hear in many popular songs of the late 2010s.


“Vox” means vocals. You’ll find plenty of ad-libbed vocal samples here, most of them loud and distorted.

I highly recommend buying this kit to elevate your production to the next level, keeping it relevant, too.

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