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Purchasing Soundkits from License Lounge and Opening Them in FL Studio 12

August 25, 2018 - By 

If you’ve got FL Studio 12, and you wish to buy/download a drum kit from License Lounge, here is a step-by-step article on how to do it.

For the example of downloadable drum kits, we’ll use DJ Relly Rell’s “No Windows.” You can use any drum kit you want, but “No Windows” is the example chosen for you in this article.

1. Have License Lounge Open

You obviously have License Lounge open if you’re reading this article, haha.

Now that it’s on your computer screen, click “SOUNDKITS.” You’ll see it at the top right of your window.

2. The Sound Kits Window

This window offers you a list of drum kits or sound collections compatible with many beatmaking programs, like Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, FL Studios, and more.

Once again, for this article explaining downloads, we will use FL Studio 12 as a beatmaking software example and “No Windows” by DJ Relly Rell as a drum kit example.

Find “No Windows” on this page by either typing Ctrl+F and inserting “No Windows” into the search box… or just scrolling down until you see it.

3. The Drum Kit Window and Buying/Downloading

Once you are at the drum kit window, you are given a list of what sound files come with the drum kit, a link on how to buy it, and an occasional playback option to hear how it sounds.

To buy this drum kit, click “Add to Cart” and continue with the site’s prompts.

4. Extracting the ZIP File

Once you’ve finished your payment, a link containing the drum kit’s sounds will download to any folder it chooses. It is a .zip file, a compressed collection of all the necessary files you need for your drum kit.

The link for the downloaded file should be visible in your browser. (On the bottom if you are using Chrome.)

If you have trouble finding the .zip file you downloaded, search for it in the box in any explorer window. Type in “No Windows” or anything in its file name.

Once you find it, go to its folder by RIGHT-CLICKING the file and choosing “Open folder location.”

Now you should see the .zip file in the folder to which you downloaded it. RIGHT-CLICK it. A pop-up menu should appear. LEFT-CLICK “extract all.”

When the “Extract Compressed Folders” window appears, you have the option of renaming your folder. This is optional. You can call the folder whatever you want or leave its default name. After that, click “Extract All.”

Files from the .zip should be stored in the folder you chose.

5. Cutting and Pasting the Files to the “Packs” Folder

Once you’ve extracted all files, they will appear in your chosen folder. In that folder, you will see “_MACOSX” and “No Windows – DJ Relly Rell.” If you are using FL Studio 12, you have a PC. So PC users should cut the folder “No Windows” by selecting it and a) RIGHT-CLICKING the folder before choosing “Cut” on the drop-down menu or b) typing Ctrl+X.

Once that “No Windows” folder is cut and saved to your clipboard, you need to copy it to the folder that displays in your FL Studio window screen.

That folder should be “c: > Program Files (x86) > Image-Line > FL Studio 12 > Data > Patches > Packs.” That is the default place of sound storage and available file usage saved to your computer when you installed FL.

Go to that folder on your computer and simply PASTE the folder, “No Windows – DJ Relly Rell,” to this “Packs” folder. Paste by either RIGHT-CLICKING a white area in the folder and choosing “Paste” …or typing Ctrl+V.

6. Viewing the Drums/Sounds

The drums and sounds should appear on the left side of your FL Studio window. They should look like this.

Ironically, for a drum kit called “No Windows,” it works well on PCs.

If you are looking for the best place to buy beats online, you’ve come to the right place. License Lounge has the latest dirty south beats available from exclusive industry producers.


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