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FL Studio Tutorial: Changing the Tone of the Piano Roll

September 20, 2017 - By  
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Now for my final tutorial for FL Studio 12, I will teach you how to “mess around” with composing an instrument’s voice with a Piano Roll. This “messing around” will include extending duration of notes, adding your track to the mixing board, and adding a “fruity parametric eq” effect to your track.

Once you open FL Studio 12, it should look like this.

Left-click on “ADD” and left-click “FL Slayer” in the drop down menu.

The “FL Slayer” menu should appear.

It resembles an electric guitar and sound quite like one. If you hit the “X,” “C,” “V,” and “B” keys on your keyboard, you should hear the sounds you’d want to place inside of your Piano Roll in order to compose your melody.

So go to the Piano Roll by finding “FL Slayer” on the Channel Rack, RIGHT-clicking it, finding the link reading “Piano Roll” and LEFT-clicking it.

When your Piano Roll appears, scroll down to where you can see the c3-c4 range of the piano keys on the left. Once you see that, compose this into the Piano Roll.

This is an eight-bar loop added to “Pattern 1.” When you play it back, it should resemble a computerized distorted guitar.

To change the duration of some of these notes, first make the top scroll bar shorter by left-clicking the right side of it and dragging it to the left. The notes at the bottom should horizontally expand (but the duration of the notes will remain unaffected).

Now let’s change the duration of some of these notes. Left-click the first note TWICE until this screen appears.

To the right of the word “duration” in the small window, hover your mouse cursor over the “00” in “0:01:00,” left-click the “00” and scroll up until the “00” changes to “12.” This should make the first note on your Piano Roll slightly longer.

Do the same with the note after the first one.

Now when you get to the third and fourth notes in your Piano Roll, we need to make them shorter. So for both of those notes, left-click twice until the “note properties” display appears. For the “duration,” decrease the duration from 0:01:00 to 0:00:18, by scrolling down on the “00” at the end until it reads “18.”)

Now that we’ve adjusted the first, second, third, and fourth notes in the Piano Roll, let’s extend the sixth and seventh notes like we did the first and second, from 0:01:00 to 0:01:12. Now with the seventh and eighth notes in our roll, decrease their duration from 0:01:00 to 0:00:18, just like we did for the third and fourth.

Our final Piano Roll should look like this.

Now let’s change the tempo from 130 to 100 bpm. Remember how? Hover your mouse cursor over the 130 in the tiny tempo display, NOT the .000 after 130, left-click “130,” pull your mouse down as if you were scrolling down… until the tempo reads 100.

Now it’s time to add your “composed piece” to the mixing board. Remember how? Select the “FL Slayer” window, left-click the tiny sideways triangle thing on the upper-left corner of the “FL Slayer” screen, and when a drop-down appears, click “Route to free mixer track.”

Once this “FL Slayer” is in the mixer track, we want to add a “fruity parametric eq” effect to it. On the right of the mixing board, there reads “Slot 1,” “Slot 2,” and so on. Left-click “Slot 1,” and when a menu appears, click “Fruity Parametric EQ 2.”

When the “Fruity Parametric EQ 2” screen appears, decrease the levels of the two knobs to the right, in order to reduce trebel. It should look like this.

Now add this track to the playlist twice. Simple. Just find the playlist and left-click “Track 1” twice.

6There isn’t much to this tutorial, other than teaching you how to compose a track rather than a drumbeat. You can choose the instrument you want for the track, alter the repetitions of “Pattern 1” by clicking “make unique,” or add drums. The world is your oyster, I guess.

To wrap things up, I hope you learned more about FL Studio 12 through reading my tutorials.


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