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Your Guide To Using Basic Effects in Fruity Loops

Do you ever hear echos, reverbs, stereo, or chorus effects, say, from a guitar pedal or a vocal track in a song? On FL Studio 12, you can use similar effects. They are plug-ins that affect the way you hear sound in output.

You can find these effects/plug-ins listed in the browser panel (on the left of your FL Studio screen) under Plugin Presents, and then Effects.

You can add these effects to your Mixer window, on any pattern, including the Master channel.


For the effects to work, the sounds in your Channel Rack need to be linked to mixer tracks first. Select any sound from the Channel Rack, then select any mixer track, right-click the mixer track, left-click “Channel routing > Route selected channel to this track.


Effects are added to the Slots on the right of the Mixer board.

To add an effect to your Mixer channel, choose any slot (the one on top is the leading effect for all), left-click the tiny arrow to the left of “Slot ?,” and select any effect from the large pop-up.

(If you add these effects to your Master channel, your whole entire sound output will have that effect.)


To enable/disable an effect, you can turn on/off the green light to its far right. To the left of that green light is a mix level knob, which measures the volume of your effect. Turn that knob down, you lower the volume of that effect. Turn it up, it’s louder.


To change the effect, go to the tiny white arrow to the left of your effect and click “Replace.” Then choose a new plug-in. Choose “none” if you wish to delete your effect.


There are so many effects on FL Studio 12 that they are in groups. I will only tell you about the groups containing the effects I like to use.


This group of effects contains what’s listed above, echo or reverb sounds. I recommend Fruity Delay 2 and Fruity Reeverb 2.

Fruity Delay 2 adds echos to your channel…

…while Fruity Reeverb 2 adds an effect you find in empty rooms. This is great to apply to kicks and snares. I used it for snares, not kicks… and also for vocals.

3b. GAIN

The effect I use from this “Gain” group is Fruity Stereo Shaper. This add a stereo enhancement to your channel.

With Fruity Stereo Shaper, you can move the delay or phase knobs to the left or right to give your channel a stereo effect.


The fourth group down on the list of plug-ins are “Dynamics.” This contains tools to compress or limit the channel interested, in order to improve its sound and avoid distortion and saturation.

My favorites to use are Fruity Compressor and Fruity Limiter. Crank the gain up on the compression options of these effects to even out low and high volumes, but not too much.


The fifth group down lists the Filters. They enhance the frequency components of your channel. I recommend Fruity Parametric EQ 2. It shows sound frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The intensity of each frequency is highlighted from red (low) to yellow (high). You can adjust the seven levels on the left anywhere you like. The seven levels on the right only go up and down.

On the bottom right of this window, you can also edit the frequency and bandwith of any of these seven levels.

These effects edit your waveform without distorting it too much.

The Chorus effect is used to make your channel sound like it’s being played in unison with clones of itself.

The Flange is similar to the Chorus. It sounds like the sound is overlapping itself with one or more identical waveforms, yet it blends nicer. This is also done by the Fruity Flanger, the Fruity Flangus, and the Fruity Phaser.

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