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How to Produce “Tha Crossroads” by Bone Thugz-N-Harmony on FL Studio (Drumbeat)

In a series of beat breakdowns and tutorials, I will be teaching you, with this article, how to re-compose the DRUMBEAT of “Tha Crossroads” by Bone Thugz-N-Harmony on FL Studio 12.

1 Disable Fruity Limiter

Left-click the green dot to the right of the “Fruity Limiter” display on the master channel in your Mixing Board.

2 Change Tempo

LEFT-CLICK and DRAG the tempo from the default 130 bpm to 144 bpm.

3 Add Drums to Channel Rack

You’ll find these drum sounds on the left of your FL Studio 12 screen. LEFT-CLICK and DRAG each one to the Channel Rack.

Tambourine: Packs > Legacy > Drums > RealDrumkits > RD_Tambhit

Open hi-hat: Packs > Drums > Hats > 808 OH

Closed hi-hat: Packs > Drums > Hats > 808 CH

Snare/Rimshot: Packs > Legacy > Drums > HipHop > HIP_Snare_6

Kick: Packs > Legacy > Drums > HipHop > HIP_Kick_2

Crash: Packs > Drums > Cymbals > Grv Crash 02

Tom: Packs > Drums > Toms > Titey Tom

4a Compose Drum Sounds

Once all your drum sounds are in the Channel Rack, compose what you see below.

(Top to bottom: RD_Tambhit, 808 OH, 808 CH, HIP_Snare_6, HIP_Kick_2, Grv Crash 02, Titey Tom)

4b Edit Tambourine Volume and Copy

Go to the Piano Roll of your tambourine track, “RD_Tambhit.” You should see only four tambourine sounds. Change their volume by LEFT-CLICKING and DRAGGING the velocity levels below.

The velocity levels should match what you see circled. Once that’s over, copy your tambourine cluster FOUR TIMES.

4c Change Pitch of Open Hi-Hat

Left-click the “rectangle” for your open hi-hat track, “808 OH.” You should see a new subwindow. In it, drag the “Pitch” level all the way up, only if the range reads “2,” which it should.

Now your open hi-hat will stop at the instance your closed hi-hat starts.

5a Add Pattern to Playlist

Add 16 repetitions of your Pattern to the Playlist, as seen below.

5b Make The Eight Repetition Unique

The two pattern repetitions circled above are the ones we wish to “make unique,” meaning to add variations to the loop.

For the pattern at the bar-line reading “15” (the eighth repetition out of 16), LEFT-CLICK its upper left corner and select “Make unique” on the drop-down menu.

You now have a new pattern with the same loop. Open it. Make the changes you see below.

Yup. Delete the snares (HIP_Snare_6) and add toms (Titey Tom).

Now change the pitch of the toms. Go to the Piano Roll of “Titey Tom” and make the alterations you see below.

Leave the first three notes as is. Only change the second-to-last note from C to B-flat, then change the last note from C to A-flat.

5c Make the 13th Repetition Unique

In the Playlist, make the Pattern repetition at bar-line “25” unique. (This is the 13th repetition out of the 16 you have.) All you need to add for this new Pattern is a crash, “Grv Crash 02.”

6a Mix Tracks

Sync each track in your Channel Rack to your Mixing Board. (‘Member how? Change the “track” number in each track’s window. That sends your Channel Rack “instrument” to the Mixing Board track you selected.) Once all your tracks are mixed, adjust their volumes as such.

(Left to right: RD_Tambhit, 808 OH, 808 CH, HIP_Snare_6, HIP_Kick_2, Grv Crash 02, Titey Tom)

6b Pan Some Tracks

Pan RD_Tambhit 35% to the left, and pan 808 OH and 808 CH 35% to the right. Do this by LEFT-CLICKING and DRAGGING the knobs below the track’s green dots.

7 Add Reverb To Toms

Click the “Titey Tom” track in the Mixing Board. Now left-click the “tiny triangle” on any empty slot the right of the Mixing Board and choose “Fruity Reeverb 2.” Don’t adjust any volume of this reverb.

8 Add Reverb to Snare

Do the same for the snare, “HIP_Snare_6.” Only this time, when you insert your “Fruity Reeverb 2,” change its preset to “Large Hall.”

And decrease the volume, as seen on the right of the below pic.


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