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How to Produce the MELODY of Snoop Dogg’s “Serial Killa” with FL Studio 12

October 23, 2018 - By  
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In a series of beat breakdowns and tutorials, I will be teaching you, with this article, how to re-compose the melody of Snoop Dogg’s “Serial Killa” with FL Studio 12.

Make sure you have the drums finished before following the instructions in this article. If not, click here to compose the drums.

1 Bass (Just the Sub GOL)

On top of your FL Studio 12 screen, click “ADD.” When the menu pops up, click “Harmless.” This should add the “Harmless” instrument to your Channel Rack.

In the “Harmless” window (that should be open as soon as you add it to the Channel Rack), go to its upper left corner, left-click the tiny triangle, and choose “Presets” on the select menu that appears. In “Presets,” click “Just the Sub GOL” in the “Bass” section.

Now ADD A NEW Pattern. In this new Pattern, go to the Piano Roll of “Just the Sub GOL” and insert this.

(Note range: D#4 – G#4)

2 Keys (E Piano B NUC)

Now click the ADD option atop your FL Studio 12 window again. Select “Harmless.”

For this “Harmless” instrument, open “Presets” in its window, like you did last time, and select “E Piano B NUC” in the “Keyboards” section.

Add a new Pattern. In this Pattern, go to the Piano Roll of “E Piano B NUC” and insert this.

(Note range: A#4 – G#5)

Make sure the duration and “control” knobs down below match the levels you see.

3 Keys 2 (3xOsc)

Select “ADD” atop your FL Studio screen and choose “3xOsc” in the menu.

For the “3xOsc” window that should appear (by clicking its “rectangle” in the Channel Rack), adjust these levels, circled below.

Now that those changes have been made, make a new Pattern. In this new Pattern, open the Piano Roll for “3xOsc” and insert this.

(Note range: D6 – G#6)

4 “Funky Worm” (3xOsc #2)

I said in an earlier article that “Serial Killa” samples “Funky Worm” by the Ohio Players. Here, we’re gonna re-compose that sample using 3xOsc.

Get the 3xOsc from “ADD,” on top of your FL Studio screen. Select it. Then open its window (left-clicking on its Channel Rack “rectangle”). Change these options.

The top and bottom “FINE” tune levels should be adjusted slightly to the left and right, respectively.

Now click on the “knobby” icon to the left of the “wrench.” In the new window, make the adjustments you see circled below.

Once you’ve made those adjustments, click the “wrench,” to the right of the “knobby thing.” Select “Porta” and increase its “SLIDE” level to what’s circled below.

Now add a new Pattern, go to the Piano Roll (for “3xOsc #2”) and add this… for BARS 1 THROUGH 3.

(Note range: G5 – G6)

That was only for bars 1 to 3. For bars 3 to 5, compose this.

5 Whine NUC

For a second synth, go to the “ADD” menu and select “Harmless.” In the “Harmless” window, left-click the tiny triangle, open “Presets,” and choose “Whine NUC” under “Leads.”

Add a new Pattern. Go to the Piano Roll and compose what you see below.

(Note range: G4 – D5)

6 Adding Patterns to Playlist

Underneath the drums from the last tutorial, place your melodic Patterns to the Playlist as shown.

Pattern 2: Drums

Pattern 3: Bass (Just the Sub GOL)

Pattern 4: Keys (E Piano B NUC)

Pattern 5: Keys 2 (3xOsc)

Pattern 6: Funky Worm (3xOsc #2)

Pattern 7: Whine NUC

Before doing anything else, cut the first repetition of Pattern 7, or Whine NUC, 7/8 of the way through, using the knife tool.

Delete the first 7/8 of that repetition.

7 Mixing

Add each track to the Mixing Board. There are so many ways to do it. Choose one.

After that, adjust your volumes (and panning) to what you see below.

(Left to right: FPC_Ride_GLite_004, HIP_Kick_9, HIP_Snare_9, HIP_Snare_4, HIP_Hat_5, FPC Snare 1, Just the Sub GOL, E-Piano B NUC, 3xOsc, 3xOsc #2, Whine NUC.)

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