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How To Produce The Drumbeat Of “In My Feelings” By Drake On FL Studio 12

August 7, 2018 - By  
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In a series of beat breakdowns and tutorials, I will be teaching you, with this article, how to compose the DRUMBEAT of “In My Feelings” by Drake, using FL Studio 12.

This article only contains how to compose the DRUMBEAT. The melody can be found in my next article.

  1. Delete “Fruity Limiter”

On most default settings for FL Studio 12, there is a “Fruity Limiter” effect on the Master track. To get accurate sound, I recommend you disable this. How? Two ways.

  1. Go to the Mixing Board. Click on the Master track. You should see a display of “Slots” on the right of this Mixing Board. One slot says, “Fruity Limiter.” See the green light to its right? Left-click it. That turns it gray and silences it. Or

  1. Go to the same “Fruity Limiter” option as above. Left-click the “tiny triangle” to the left of “Fruity Limiter.” A menu should appear. On this menu, hover over “Replace” until ANOTHER menu appears. On THAT menu, left-click “(none).”

  1. Change Tempo

The tempo of “In My Feelings” is approximately 91 beats per minute. Go to the top of your FL Studio 12 screen, near the play, stop, and record buttons. Where you see “130.000” (the default tempo setting), LEFT-CLICK AND DRAG the tempo down until it reads 91.000.

  1. Drag Sounds To The Channel Rack

The drums that I’m having you use for this beat re-composition are NOT identical to the ones heard in Drake’s song. They should be built-in with your FL Studio 12 software, and they should sound similar to the ones heard in the real song.

You can find these drum sounds on the left of your screen, under certain folders. They are:

CLAP: Packs > Drums (ModeAudio) > Claps > Attack Clap 10

SNARE: Packs > Drums > Snares > 808 Snare

HI-HAT: Packs > Drums > Hats > 808 CH

KICK: Packs > Legacy > Drums > HipHop > HIP_Kick_2

LEFT-CLICK AND DRAG each of these sounds to the Channel Rack.

  1. Composing Sounds In The Channel Rack

This drumbeat is a four-bar loop. So to display room for these four bars on the Channel Rack, left-click and drag the right of the Channel Rack WINDOW to the right… until you see the “gray-red-gray-red” pattern FOUR TIMES.

Now that your four bars are visible, compose this.

Leave the hi-hats (808 CH) blank. That’s for the next step.

  1. Composing Hi-Hats

For “808 CH,” your hi-hats, fill every box in the Channel Rack. (Left-click and drag across those blocks.)

Your composition of hi-hats isn’t complete yet.

Go to the “808 CH” Piano Roll. (RIGHT-click the “808 CH” “rectangle” and select “Piano Roll” on the pop-up menu.)

Make these changes to the stuff in Bar 1 (out of 4).

Make these changes to Bar 2.

Don’t change Bar 3. Change Bar 4, like this.

  1. Playlist

To add your Pattern to the Playlist, do these steps.

  1. Click the first box to the right of “Pattern 1,” on top of your screen. This opens the blank Playlist.
  2. Left-click the Pencil Tool or the Brush Tool. (They are up top of the Playlist.)
  3. Left-click “Pattern 1” to the left of your Playlist. (You’ll see it.)
  4. Left-click the beginning of Track 1. Easy.

  1. Mixing

There are many ways to sync your instruments from the Channel Rack to the Mixing Board. I like to do this one.

  1. Left-click any “rectangle” in the Channel Rack. (Anyone reading “Attack Clap 10,” “808 Snare,” “808 CH,” or “HIP_Kick_2.”)
  2. On the window for that “instrument,” there is a “track” option on the upper-right corner. Left-click and drag it to any number. That number is the Mixing Board track to which you are assigning your “instrument.”
  3. Do this for the other three “instruments.”

Once your instruments are assigned to the Mixing Board, adjust the volumes of your tracks. Left-click the knobs so they appear at approximately these levels.

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