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How To Produce The Melody Of “In My Feelings” By Drake On FL Studio 12

August 14, 2018 - By  
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In a series of beat breakdowns and tutorials, I will be teaching you, with this article, how to compose the MELODY of “In My Feelings” by Drake, using FL Studio 12.

Before composing the melody, make sure you’ve followed the instructions on making the DRUMS for this song. This melody article is a continuation of that drum tutorial.

  1. Adding Bass 1

Go to the top of your FL Studio 12 screen. Click “ADD.” When the drop-down menu appears, select “3xOsc.” This automatically adds “3xOsc” to the Channel Rack.

Left-click the “rectangle” for “3xOsc” in the Channel Rack. You should see a window. Adjust the knobs and buttons in that window to the settings you see below.

Now click the “knobby thing” up top of that window. It’s to the left of the wrench. Adjust the six circled knobs below to the levels in the picture.

Don’t compose anything yet. Add the SECOND bass.


  1. Adding Bass 2

There is another bass line I recommend you add for this song. Find it on the left of your screen, in Packs > Legacy > Instruments > Bass > HIP_Bass. Drag that to the Channel Rack.

When it’s in the Channel Rack, left-click its rectangle. The window should open. Click that “knobby thing” up top. Adjust the six dials in the circles below.

  1. Composing a Bass Line 1

Make sure to insert a new Pattern, separate from the drums you’ve composed when following my last article.

Go to the Piano Roll of “3xOsc.” In that Piano Roll, insert this for a four-bar loop.

You’ll need to copy what’s in this Piano Roll. Select all (CTRL+A) and Copy (CTRL+C).


  1. Composing a Bass Line 2

Select a new Pattern. Open the Piano Roll of “HIP_Bass.” Paste your selection from “3xOsc” into the “HIP_Bass” Piano Roll. (CTRL+V)

This isn’t the correct pitch for “HIP_Bass.” You need to move it up TWO OCTAVES. Select it all and drag it up to the C4-C5 range, with most notes on C4.

  1. Adding An “Electric Keyboard”

Go to Packs > Instruments > Keyboard > Electric. Drag that to the Channel Rack.

Before you compose anything, you need to make adjustments to the duration of the “Electric Keyboard” sounds, like you did with the bass.

Left-click the rectangle for “Electric” in the Channel Rack. A large window should appear. On that window, select the “Zone” option on the lower left. With this “Zone” option selected, you should see an “AMP / ENV 1 / ENV 2” sub-window. Make sure “AMP” is selected. Below that, adjust the A, D, S, and R approximately to what you see in the below picture.

Now compose some stuff in the Piano Roll.

Insert a new Pattern. Go to the Piano Roll of “Electric.” Add this for a four-bar loop.

For your notes, make sure the duration and pitch matches what’s in the picture.

Now select all of these notes and copy them, just like you did with “3xOsc.” We’re gonna copy all that into the “Rhodes.”

  1. Adding “Rhodes.”

Go to Packs > Instruments > Keyboard > Rhodes. Drag that to the Channel Rack. You don’t need to change anything, like you did with “Electric.”

Add a new Pattern. Go to the Piano Roll of “Rhodes.” Paste your selection from “Electric” into this Piano Roll.


  1. Adding Patters to Playlist

Go to your project’s Playlist by clicking the first option to the right of the Pattern display, on top of your screen.

You should already have the Pattern for your drums in the Playlist. Place the other Patterns below it, for a length of only four bars, like the drums.

Pattern 2 is “Rhodes.” Pattern 3 is “Electric.” Pattern 4 is “3xOsc.” Pattern 5 is “HIP_Bass.”


  1. Mixing Board

Add all the Channel Rack’s tracks to the Mixing Board. Remember how? Left-click each of their “rectangles” and change the track numbers in their windows. Simple.

Once all tracks are in the Mixing Board, adjust their volumes like so.


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