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Producer Spotlight: Da Beatminerz Interview

March 15, 2018 - By  
Categories: Producer Interviews, The Lounge

Da Beatminerz have had a huge impact on hip-hop over the last 25+ years. The Brooklyn natives continue to pioneer original sounds that inspire each new generation. Beginning with Black Moon they’ve gone on to work with Fat Joe, Nas, Naughty By Nature, Apathy, and many others. We sat down with Mr. Walt to gain some insight on production, their inspiration, and advice to new producers.

LL: Mr. Walt, you and your brother Evil Dee have made a huge impact on hip-hop. How did you two get into music and what inspired you to work together?

DB: Well, It’s in the blood. Our parents played instruments and were into music growing up.

LL: Who were your biggest influences growing up?

DB: On the soul music side, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 and Sly & The Family Stone. Hip Hop Wise, we have been following it since the beginning but hearing “It Takes a Nation of Millions …” – Public Enemy changed my life.

LL: Over the years, what has been the biggest influence on your sound? How has your sound evolved the most?

DB: Just hearing something dope. We basically stayed true to the boom bap cuz’ that to us is what represents Hip Hop.

LL: Where do you find the inspiration for your beats? Do you work on a daily schedule or do you wait till you are inspired to create?

DB: Like the question before, Just hearing something dope gives us inspiration.

LL: Hip-hop’s sound has evolved a lot during your career. How do you continue to stay original?

DB: We just stay true to the art form.

LL: Of all the artists you’ve worked with, who has inspired you the most and why?

DB: All of the artists we worked with inspired us one way or another.

LL: What advice would you have for young producers coming up in the industry?

DB: Create your own lane [sound] and make sure your business is handled correctly.

LL: Are there any up and coming artists or producers coming up right now you think we should listen to?

DB: I am a big fan of Nottz, Khrysis, Jake One but they are not up & coming.

LL: What’s the best piece of music business advice you can give to up and coming producers or artists?

DB: Creativity & Finance will never see eye to eye

LL: Tell us about working with Teyana Taylor on “The Breaks” last season. How did you two decide to work together?

DB: DJ Premier plugged us in to the guys at “The Breaks”. It was great working w/ her & Phonte who wrote the song.

LL: We hear you have a new Black Moon album coming out! When can we expect to hear that?

DB: Hopefully by the tail end of the year.

LL: What are you most excited about in this new venture with License Lounge and what inspired you to work with us?

DB: Oz is a great guy. I’m hoping that LL with help us to get our music to people we couldn’t reach before.

LL: Anything else you’d like to add?

DB: That’s it. Thanks for the opportunity and accepting us on the team.

Interview by Stephen M. Thornton


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