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Fetty Wap - Trap Luv Biousha - Fired, What Kind Of Girl Tru Life - Unreleased Tracks


Composer & Music Producer Treadway ascended through the boundaries of music and created his own signature sound. Born in a New Jersey suburb, he grew up around a strong musical foundation, with influences from both parents and family members whom were very musically oriented. When Treadway was about fourteen years old, his mother bought him a Casio piano just to play around with. That was just the beginning. Never would she have imagined he would become the musical mastermind he is today. He developed his skills after just a few years. At such a young age, he composed music, created sounds, and learned to use software that industry engineers and producers far beyond his years were using. His dedication and sleepless nights in his homemade studio setup always kept him a step ahead in the game. His eclectic taste in music has allowed him to create music in almost every genre. Treadway has released several Instrumental projects and has the opportunity to work with several independent artists all over the Eastern United States. He produced several mixtapes and albums for artist such as Fetty Wap , Mike Zombie, Charlie Clips, Remy Boyz, and Tru Life to name a few. “This is just the beginning”, says, Treadway, whose heart and soul is put in everything he does. Treadway’s talent can’t be measured. His long hours and sleepless nights will pay off when he reaches his ultimate goal, making his mark in what is known to one of the hardest industries in the world. His impeccable compositions & mastered instrumentation are proof he has what it takes.


May 2018