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Songs Sampling Public Enemy’s “BRING THE NOISE”

September 8, 2018 - By  
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Nowadays, we might look back at Public Enemy’s 1987 song, “Bring the Noise,” as the REAL introduction of hip-hop’s popular “triplet flow,” but through a further examination, “Bring the Noise” also gave us memorable lines such as “bass,” “how low can you go,” “back is the incredible,” and “here we go again.” That’s because it’s been sampled and interpolated many times. Here are a few of those songs sampling/interpolating it.

N.W.A – F*** Tha Police (1988)

In N.W.A’s protest song against police brutality, Dr. Dre plays a judge asking the other N.W.A members about their run-ins with the law. During those interludes with “Judge Dre,” you’ll hear “Bring the Noise” in the background.

The Beastie Boys – Egg Man (1989)

In this Paul’s Boutique track celebrating the Beastie Boys’s love for throwing eggs at people, the beat stops midway throughout to slip into Chuck D saying, “Now they got me in a cell,” on “Bring the Noise.”

LL Cool J – The Boomin’ System (1990)

In the third verse of his hit from Mama Said Knock You Out, LL Cool J says, “Like a basehead would say: I want BASS.” According to Genius, the sample is from “Bring the Noise,” but the allusion is most likely to Public Enemy’s “Night of the Living Baseheads.” LL pays further homage to P.E. in this same verse, saying, “Fight the power with P.E.”

Anthrax – Bring the Noise (1991)

Whoever knew the metal band Anthrax listened to Public Enemy? They add their own metal instrumental under Chuck D and Flava Flav’s original acapellas to “Bring the Noise.” It can be found on their album Attack of the Killer B’s and Public Enemy’s own Apocalypse 91… the Enemy Strikes Back. Note the line, “Wax is for Anthrax, still it can rock bells.”

Rakim – Guess Who’s Back (1997)

This lesser known Rakim song opens up with a scratched sample of Chuck D saying, “Back is the incredible.” You’ll hear that same scratched sample at the end of the song, too.

Prince feat. Chuck D – Undisputed (1999)

This isn’t really a rap song, but at 0:56, you’ll hear the oh-so-popular “back is the incredible” sample. That’s not all. Near the end of the song, you’ll hear a verse rapped by Chuck D himself.

Eminem – I’m Back (2000)

Many times, Eminem satirically spoofs music trends in his own songs. (See his new album Kamikaze for more of that.) “I’m Back” proves it. Where? Well, instead of sampling “back is the incredible” as Rakim and Prince did before him, he speaks those same words with a funny voice in Verse 2. Since that sample is usually scratched, he also impersonating a turntable behind the hook and at the end of the song. (He says, “Guess who’s back.” An homage to Rakim?)

De La Soul – Much More (2004)

With this track, De La Soul takes you back to the late ’80s and criticizes “commercial artists.” How much better can they do that than by opening the song with a scratch-up of Chuck D saying “Here we go again,” before Kanye West would use the same sample three years later? (Funny how De La Soul criticizes mainstream artists while Flava Flav did the exact same thing on the song they’re sampling.)

Fat Joe – Safe to Say (The Incredible) (2005)

The hook for Fat Joe’s heavy 2005 track scratches “Back is the incredible.” The song’s sub-title is also “The Incredible.”

Kanye West – Everything I Am (2007)

For the hook of his track off 2007’s Graduation, Kanye says, “Here we go again,” while DJ Premiere scratches Chuck D’s utterance of those same words in the background.

Ludacris – How Low (2009)

In the chorus of his 2009 booty-shaking track, Luda pitches up Chuck D’s “How Low Can You Go” to chipmunk heights. (Funny how Kanye never thought of this. Haha.)

Linkin Park – Wretches and Kings (2010)

Mike Shinoda opens the first two verses on this aggressive song with “To save face, how low can you go,” and “So keep pace, how slow can you go,” respectively.

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